KNIPEX Archive

Top 16 Cutting Nippers

  1. SHANQIAN 2 pcs 7-Inch Nail Puller, Cutting Pliers, Nail Puller Pliers, End Cutting Pliers, Jewelry Wire Cutter Tools End Nipper Cutting Pliers Perfect for carpenters construction handymen installing new floor etc These pliers are made from high carbon steel for strength and durability rust resistant End cutter pliers for flush cutting soft wire

Top 17 Pump Pliers

  1. Klein Tools Klein Tools D502-6 Pump Pliers, Dipped 6-Inch Tongue and Groove, Yellow Secure tongue and groove design for nonslip grip even with heavy pressure Pump pliers with quickadjust rivet allows onehanded fast easy adjustment of plier jaws Robust teeth for sure gripping action Made in usa Wide range of versatile jaw positions

Best Knipex Plier out of top 20

  1. KNIPEX Knipex 09 11 240 SBA 9.5-Inch Ultra-High Leverage Lineman’s Pliers with Fish Tape Puller and Crimper The rivet has been reduced in size and moved closer to the jaws to create an ultrahigh leverage design for 25 easier cutting power The recess on the back now has an oval shaped design which

17 Best Mini Pliers

  1. Monster & Master Monster & Master Mini Ribbed Locking Pliers, 6-inch Long Nose, 5-inch Curved Jaw, 6-inch C-clamp x 2 with Swivel Pads, 4-Piece Set, MM-LP-001-S5 Heavy duty chrome vanadium steel jaws and teeth with premium wear and corrosion resistant nickel plating easily adjusted to various sizes New bamboo handle design prevents slipping

23 Coolest E Ring Pliers

  1. Hiltex Hiltex 02016 16″ Snap Ring Plier Set, 2 Piece | External and Internal Pliers | Straight, 45°, 90° Tips Durable the interchangeable tips are made with hardened heat treated steel for durability and black oxide finish prevents corrosion for longlasting service life and longevity in your toolbox or tool collection Specifications long

18 Best Key Wrench Sets

  1. HORUSDY HORUSDY 8-Piece T-Handle allen wrench set, Metric Long Arm Ball End Hex Key Wrench Set, (2 – 10)mm Products include metric 8piece thandle long arm ball end hex key wrench Size 2mm 25mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm Using high quality chrome vanadium steel material processed by heat treatment process with

Best 22 Electronic Pliers

  1. Klein Tools Klein Tools D244-5C Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Electronics Pliers with Pointed Nose, Narrow Jaw and Hinge, 5-Inch Springloaded action for selfopening Diagonal cutters with narrow jaw and hinge for delicate work in tight areas Pliers have sharp pointed nose and flush cutting blades for precise tip cutting Hotriveted joint ensures smooth action

16 Best and Coolest Pipe Pliers

  1. Auto-plaza 7″ Fuel Filter Calipers Fuel Line Pliers In-Line Fuel Filter Tool Fuel Filter Line Pipe Hose Quick Release Pliers Remover Application range universally fit for all automobiles Having multiple uses more than just a fuel line tool Suitable for releasing connections on fuel pipes during maintenance or when replacing fuel filters Length

Top 20 Best Combination Pliers

  1. KNIPEX KNIPEX – 03 01 200 Tools – Combination Pliers (301200), 8 inches Each tool is proven and tested for durability and function in real world use and conditions Plastic coated handles Cutting edges additionally induction hardened cutting edge hardness approx 60 hrc Fit to match the needs in the shop at home

20 Best Cutter Plier Tools

  1. Klein Tools Klein Tools D248-9ST Pliers, Ironworker’s Diagonal Cutting Pliers with High Leverage Design Works as Rebar Cutter and Rebar Bender, 9-Inch Ironworkers pliers for soft annealed rebar tie wire Inductionhardened cutting knives for long life Made in usa with custom usmade tool steel Highleverage design has 36 more cutting power Short jaws