Side-Cutting Pliers Archive

Top 16 Cutting Nippers

  1. SHANQIAN 2 pcs 7-Inch Nail Puller, Cutting Pliers, Nail Puller Pliers, End Cutting Pliers, Jewelry Wire Cutter Tools End Nipper Cutting Pliers Perfect for carpenters construction handymen installing new floor etc These pliers are made from high carbon steel for strength and durability rust resistant End cutter pliers for flush cutting soft wire

Top 17 for Best Diagonal Cutting Plier

  1. URASISTO URASISTO 6-Inch Side-Cutting Pliers Diagonal Pliers with heavy Duty Nickel Chromium Steel Construction Material nickel chromium steel with heat treated higher hardness longlasting Quality compound leverage design provides 50 increase in cutting power Meets ansi and federal specifications Surface polished surface for excellent work performance and anticorrosion Slipresistant tongue and groove design

16 Top Wire Cutters

  1. Miular Wire Cutters Diagonal Cutting Pliers Mini Precision Side Cutter for Electronics Wire Cable Cutting, 3 Pack Applications suitable for cutting phone screws screen cover soft wire electronic pin trimming plastic parts cutting small iron wire electronic repair and jewelry processing etc Diagonal pliers our diagonal pliers is to quickly and effectively cut

Best 22 Electronic Pliers

  1. Klein Tools Klein Tools D244-5C Pliers, Diagonal Cutting Electronics Pliers with Pointed Nose, Narrow Jaw and Hinge, 5-Inch Springloaded action for selfopening Diagonal cutters with narrow jaw and hinge for delicate work in tight areas Pliers have sharp pointed nose and flush cutting blades for precise tip cutting Hotriveted joint ensures smooth action

Top 20 Best Combination Pliers

  1. KNIPEX KNIPEX – 03 01 200 Tools – Combination Pliers (301200), 8 inches Each tool is proven and tested for durability and function in real world use and conditions Plastic coated handles Cutting edges additionally induction hardened cutting edge hardness approx 60 hrc Fit to match the needs in the shop at home

23 Top Diagonal Side Cutters

  1. vouiu vouiu Side Cutter Diagonal Wire Cutting Pliers Jewelry Making Tools Size 43110mm Forging of high carbon steel Ideal for cutting zip tiesthin wire headpins eye pins small chain tiger tail cords beading Equipped with coated antislip grip handles for a maximum comfort   2. SPEEDWOX SPEEDWOX Diagonal Pliers Side Cutter 4 Inches

20 Best Cutter Plier Tools

  1. Klein Tools Klein Tools D248-9ST Pliers, Ironworker’s Diagonal Cutting Pliers with High Leverage Design Works as Rebar Cutter and Rebar Bender, 9-Inch Ironworkers pliers for soft annealed rebar tie wire Inductionhardened cutting knives for long life Made in usa with custom usmade tool steel Highleverage design has 36 more cutting power Short jaws

Top 21 for Best Flush Cutter

  1. Twotrees Twotrees Professional Pliers Cutter Electronic Flush Wire Cutter Carbon Steel Cutting Nippers for Electrical Jewelry making (1 pcs) Cutting diameter 5mm It is a micro cutter Cutter pliers blue hand grips with curved foreedge which provides comfortable control it has automatic rebound function and doesnt take your much time and effort It

22 Top Wire Side Cutters

  1. B BOSI TOOLS BOSI TOOLS Side Cutting Pliers, Industrial Pliers 8″ with Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter Function, Heavy Duty Plier High leverage precision forging technology with exclusive lap joint diagonal 36percent greater cutting power than other pliers Durable forged chrome vanadium steel after highfrequency heat treatment ensures perfect mating and superior cutting edge life Space

Top 23 Best Crimpers

  1. YIYITOOLS YIYITOOLS Lineman’s Pliers, Combination Pliers with Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter Function, Heavy Duty Side Cutting High-Leverage Plier, 8-1/2 inch (HX-1-002) Compound leverage design that increases cutting power by 50percent The handle made by environmental pptpr materials protouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue Multifunctional this tool can be used as wire stripper also